Representation & Liaison

MTCC provides representation services for companies in equipment & material, service providing in energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure. With MTCC strategic and comprehensive support services, companies can take their first step toward winning projects or establishing joint ventures or their own country presence.

Representation by MTCC provides clients provides with the following benefits:

1. Cost Saving: Clients may engage in and test a market without investing significant resources to set up offices, hire personnel and understand in detail local laws and regulations. Representation saves costs and any concerns about international travel.

2. Customer Relations: MTCC’s staff identify and contact potential customers, arrange presentations and workshops, and provide introductions. As follow-up, our staff receive and immediately respond to local enquiries while forwarding them to our international client to maintain a constant flow of client-customer information and quality service.

3. Business Intelligence: Clients gain the latest information on local and international competitors, relevant business licensing and legislation, tariffs and duties, and other business information essential to successfully launch new products and services in these emerging markets.

4. Government Relations: Clients benefit from MTCC' excellent knowledge of government regulations and local laws. They are steered clear from cultural and other pitfalls.

5. Projects and Tenders: Representation services are available for companies that seek projects and tenders that are publicly or privately financed in these countries. For a more complete description of the services available please refer to our Projects Development & Tenders